6 Feb 2015

AWE Huatoki will be expected to extend their lead in the Soffe Cup competition today when they play host to 5th placed Central Finance Rotokare.
Huatoki whitewashed Oakura last week and their team line-up has been strengthened even further with the inclusion of Ajeet Rai.  Rai will play Malcolm Elder in the feature match and Rai will be far to accomplished.  Kyle Crowley should pull one back for Rotokare when he plays Alistair Nairn.  David Innes and Chris Popata should give the remaining men's singles to Huatoki, when they play Shane Devlin and Ben Fitzgibbon respectively.  The Huatoki women's lineup of Sophie Robertson, Ellen O'Byrne, Chris Wilson and Erin Annabell should all pick up wins over Jane Symons, Julie Foley, Helena Goodin and Bridget Coleman.  With such dominance in the singles, Huatoki should continue to rack up the wins in the doubles matches for a very conclusive result.

Second placed RE/MAX Pukekura Park play host to third place Inglewood Club Inglewood and will be also looking for another big win following their whitewash win last week.  Taranaki No.1 Louise Waite (Puke) will play former No.1 Krystal Oakes in the feature match and Waite will be expected to prevail.  Pukekura's complimentary line-up of Linda Reid, Bam Klibmanee and Donna Thorne display an excellent depth of quality and should be too strong for the Spurdle siblings; Maria, Michaela and Alex.  In the men's matches, Shaun Alborough should be too good for young Diego Carrasco in the No.1 match-up.  Meto Snegirev at No.2 should also obtain a victory against Mal Masters.  Pukekura youngsters David Barnard and Thomson Matuku will take on the experienced Campbell Mace and Derek Spurdle which will determine whether youthful talent can overcome the experienced court craft of the Inglewood pair.  Inglewood may pick up a couple of doubles matches and the end result should see a comfortable win for Pukekura.

In the remaining match Okaiawa/Manaia have won by default over Oakura.