2 Nov 2012

Round two of Soffe Cup tennis kicks off this Saturday with  Sandfords Manaia playing Hareb Deken Oakura at home, Central Finance Rotokare host Farmlands Okaiawa, and AWE Huatoki travel to Icon's Sport Tariki Pukekura's stamping ground.  

Arguably the singles match of the week will be between Hareb Deken Oakura's No.1, Graeme Mitchell and Sandfords Manaia's Jordan Fleming.  Fleming, with a 2-1 win record in recent times, may just have the edge.  The balance of Sanfords Manaia's men's line up should be too strong, with  Cameron Koch, Michael Gates and young Beauden Fleming expected to be too good for Oakura's Craig Waite , Cory Sutherland and new recruit, Charlie Lewis, respectively.  Helen Kelly (Manaia) comes in at 4 for the women's line-up and should be too strong for Oakura's Rebecca Scott.  Nicole Koch will play Sue Oldfield, while Maree Gopperth and Grace Kelly will be kept honest by Oakura's Jackie Keenan and Chris Davies.  Manaia should dominate the doubles and combines. 

Central Finance Rotokare's Malcolm Elder conjured up a close win last time he played Andrew Powell and the score should be close this time around.  Kyle Crowley and Shane Devlin at No. 2 and No. 3, are desperate to reverse their last meeting losses against Mark Laurence and Vincent Baylis respectively, however the Okaiawa pair have the wood on them and will aim to keep it that way.  Buzz Campbell at no. 4, makes a surprise appearance after a long layoff with injury and should be too strong for Les Symes.  Rotokare's Karen Cranston is back at No.1 and should be too strong for Amelia Weir, while Frances Gray & Beccie Atkins will fancy their chances against  Jo Gyde and  Shannon O'Brien respectively.  Michelle Atkins rounds off the Rotokare line-up and will play the well-performed Aroha Beattie, who comes in at 4 for Okaiawa, promoted from A2 after a string of easy wins.  

AWE Huatokis euphoric win last week over Rotokare, may be a distant memory when they go into the match under strength against a full strength Icon's Sport Tariki Pukekura team.  With Huatoki's two top men unavailable, the Pukekura men should easily prevail.  Alastair Nairn, back from university, will likely fill the No.1 spot against Callum Old.  Former team mates Murray Keast and Mike Fleming will face off against each other at No. 2 and there is sure to be some fireworks. The bottom men's singles should be an easy day for Pukekura's Chris Jury and Jamie Simpson, taking on Dave Innes (or Jeremy Wichman), and Thomas Burrell.  In the ladies, it will be interesting to see how young Louise Waite goes against the powerful Alice Caskey.  Caskey should win but it may not be easy, and a stronger Sophie Robertson could give Kirsten Adam a close run.  Chris Wilson will do her best against the well performed Linda Reid, while 12 year old Hikaru Han makes her debut against the explosive Donna Thorne.  Pukekura are expected to be too strong in the doubles and combines.