28 Nov 2020

Dominant Performances in Soffe Cup

Okaiawa hosted Huatoki and ran out winners 12-4.  Rotokare welcomed Stratford and then beat them soundly 14-2.  Pukekura travelled down to Oakura and came out on top 13-3.

Okaiawa dominated proceedings down south and really gave Huatoki few chances.  All of the singles were two set affairs with Huatoki managing wins in the three and four women’s matches to Ellen O’Byrne and Jae Laurence over Aroha Beattie and Dayna Corbett.  This left Okaiawa up 6-2 after the singles.  To have a chance, Huatoki needed to capitalise in the women’s doubles where they seemed to be more competitive.  Unfortunately, all of the doubles went to Okaiawa as well.  The combines were then evenly split to give the final 12-4 score line.

Rotokare dominated proceedings against Stratford.  Rotokare’s Blair Crowley managed to recover when down a set to win 4-6 6-4 6-1 over Callum Old.  Shane Devlin, also of Rotokare, showed a wealth of experience to recover and win against Matt Kissick, 5-7 6-2 6-3.  Stratford did manage one win at the men’s number three spot, where Ross Slinger overcame Soffe Cup debutante Luke De Villiers 6-4 6-1.  Rotokare continued throughout the doubles and the combines, conceding only one match.  Stratford’s Old and Tippett got the better of Crowley and Atkinson 9-7. 

The most surprising result of the weekend was the dominance Pukekura showed over second placed Oakura.  Oakura could potentially trouble Pukekura if a full strength side is available.  Unfortunately, this was not the case on Saturday.  Caleb Fleming was unavailable for Oakura’s men and the team were without a fourth woman.  This resulted in the lopsided nature of the final scoreline 13-3.

Next week will be the second to last round before the break for Christmas.  Huatoki will be at home to Oakura, Pukekura will host Rotokare and Stratford will accommodate Inglewood.  Okaiawa has the bye.

The points at present for Soffe Cup are Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Pukekura 67, Central Finance Rotokare 47, Okaiawa Hotel Okaiawa 46, Oakura 38, McDonald Real Estate Stratford 29, Latitude Homes Inglewood 24 and Huatoki 19