28 Jan 2017

Huatoki hold onto their position at the top of the Soffe Cup table by the slimmest of margins after a close encounter with Rotokare on Saturday which eventually ended in victory to defending champions Huatoki 9-7.  Pukekura remain in second place after beating Oakura 11-5 and Pihama had a resounding 14-2 win over south counterparts Okaiawa/Manaia.

Rotokare's Blair and Kyle Crowley turned the tables on last times results with wins against Jayden Harrison and Alistair Nairn then an exciting doubles encounter ensued which also eventually was won by the Crowley brothers 2-6 7-5 10-8 over Huatoki's Harrison and Nairn.  Rotokare had defaulted their fourth men's game and Huatoki's Murray Keast had to retire injured after winning the first set 6-2 against Buzz Campbell.  Huatoki's women all had wins with Ellen O'Byrne defeating Chantelle Peters  1-6 6-4 6-4, Tracey Old victorious over Tania Atkinson 6-4 7-6 and Chris Wilson securing victory against Brittaney Carr 6-2 6-2.  This meant the scores were tied up at the end of singles.  With injury and missing players there were only two mixed doubles combinations and Huatoki had to win both to secure the victory which they did with Harrison and Old defeating Blair Crowley and Chantelle Peters 9-6 and Nairn and O'Byrne winning 9-4 versus Kyle Crowley and Tania Atkinson.

Pukekura only dropped one singles match to Oakura with Jaime Simpson victorious over David Barnard.  The only game with a tight scoreline was that between Oakura's Simon Spurdle and Pukekura's Sasha Milentejevic-Vague with Vague eventually wearing Spurdle down 6-3 4-6 6-4.  Oakura pulled  back some points in the doubles with wins in the top men's doubles to Jaime and Brady Simpson over David Barnard and Andrew Hood and the bottom women's doubles with Bailey and Becky Bruckner beating Kirsten Adam and Linda Reid 7-5 6-3.  The mixed doubles were shared equally.

The final tie between the two Southern teams was a somewhat one sided affair with Pihama winning 14-2.   Pihama secured seven out of eight singles wins with the only victory for Okaiawa/Manaia coming from Georgia Jackson over Brianna Matthews 6-1 6-1.  Okaiawa/Manaia only picked up one further point in the mixed doubles which will mean they will not climb off the bottom of the Soffe Cup points table at this stage. 

Waitangi weekend sees a week's rest before play resumes again on 11th February with 3 more round robin matches until semi finalists are found.

Huatoki 9 Rotokare 7

J Harrison lost to B Crowley 6-3 6-0

A Nairn lost to K Crowley 6-4 6-3

M Keast lost to Buzz Campbell 6-2 retired

K Revfeim won by default

E O'Byrne beat C Peters 1-6 6-1 6-4

T Old beat T Atkinson 6-4 7-6

C Wilson beat B Carr 6-2 6-2

Huatoki defaulted to Julie Foley

Harrison/Nairn lost to Crowley/Crowley 2-6 7-5 7-6

Keast/Revfeim won by default

Old/O'Byrne beat Peters/Atkinson 3-6 7-5 7-6

Wilson/Wilson lost to Carr/Foley 6-4 1-6 11-9

Harrison/Old beat Crowley/Peters 9-6

Nairn/O'Byrne beat Crowley/Atkinson 9-4


Pukekura 11 Oakura 5

D Barnard lost to J Simpson 6-2 6-0

Mike Erb beat B Simpson 7-5 6-2

A Hood beat L Adamson 6-1 6-1

S Milentijevic-Vague beat S Spurdle 6-3 4-6 6-4

L Waite beat S Oldfield 6-0 6-0

N Barnard beat B Bruckner 6-3 6-3

K Adam beat M Walden 6-3 6-3

L Reid beat A Spurdle 6-3 7-6

Barnard/Hood lost to Simpson/Simpson 3-6 6-1 7-6

Teunissen/Erb  beat Adamson/Spurdle 6-3 6-4

Waite/Barnard beat Oldfield/Walden 6-3 6-4

Adam/Reid lost to Bruckner/Bruckner  7-5 6-3

Barnard/Waite lost to Simpson/Oldfield 9-2

Erb/Reid beat Simpson/Bruckner 9-3

Hood/Barnard beat Adamson/Walden 9-7

Milentijevic-Vague/Adam lost to Spurdle/Spurdle 9-7


Pihama 14 Okaiawa/Manaia 2

J Fleming beat M Laurence 6-1 6-0

B Fleming beat R Stockman 6-4 6-1

J Padilla beat A Baylis 6-1 6-0

P Stevenson beat P Mihaljevich 6-0 6-0

G Kelly beat C Jackson 6-2 6-4

N Osbourne beat L Mekalick 6-3 7-5

T Butters beat A Beattie 6-4 6-4

B Matthews lost to G Jackson 6-1 6-1

Fleming/Fleming beat Laurence/Stockman 6-4 4-6 7-6

Padilla/Stevenson beat Baylis/Mihaljevich 6-2 6-1

Kelly/Osbourne beat Jackson/Jackson 4-6 6-3 10-8

Butters/Matthews beat Mekalick/Beattie 3-6 6-2 10-7

Fleming/Kelly beat Laurence/C.Jackson 9-3

Fleming/Osbourne beat Stockman/G.Jackson 9-5

Padilla/Butters beat Baylis/Mekalick 9-1

Stevenson/Matthews lost to Mihaljevich/Beattie 9-7

Soffe Cup
Pukekura 11 Oakura 5, Huatoki 9 Rotokare 7, Pihama 14 Okaiawa/Manaia 2
Wilson Trophy
Stratford 10 Hawera 6, Matapu 13 Huatoki 3, Inglewood 12 Okaiawa/Manaia 4, Pukekura Yellow 10 Pukekura Green 6
Sumpter Trophy
Pukekura 11 Huatoki/Waitara 5, Waiwaka 10 South Combined 6, Rotokare 11 Oakura 5

Soffe Cup
Huatoki 59.75, Pukekura 59, Oakura 49, Pihama 45.5, Rotokare 39, Okaiawa/Manaia 29.5
Wilson Trophy
Inglewood 70.25, Stratford 65.25, Matapu 59.5, Hawera 53.75, Pukekura Yellow 47.5, Pukekura Green 45.5, Okaiawa/Manaia 44, Huatoki 31.5
Sumpter Trophy
Rotokare 59.25, Oakura 54.25, Pukekura 34, Huatoki/Waitara 29.75, Hawera 25.5, South Combined 23.5