24 February 2008

Taranaki will have its name engraved on the Christie Cup for the third consecutive season after defeating Manawatu 15-9 at the Rotokare courts on Saturday.
Fears that Taranaki, who were missing five top players, would struggle proved unfounded. Their cause was helped by Manawatu's top woman Manu Durie withdrawing from the team on Friday.
Taranaki were leading 8-4 after the singles with the women winning all but the top match. No 2 Nicole Koch beat Pam Dransfield 7/5,  6/0 and Saori Han, Leah Fletcher, Sue Oldfield and Linda Reid all had easy wins.
Manawatu's No 1 Kelly Toa beat Alesha Ford 7/5 6/4.
The men's singles were shared 3-3 after Manawatu's top three Kurt McNamara, Evan Smith and Tim Preston beat Ben Pollard, Jordan Stayt and Andrew Powell, all in two sets. Taranaki's No 4, 5 and 6 Josh Walden, David White and John Hardie-Boys beat their counterparts, Sam Howard, Thomas Suesse and Jamie Hooper, all in two sets.  In the doubles it was 3-3 after Manawatu won the top two men's matches and Taranaki the No 3 match.
Manawatu's McNamara and Smith beat Stayt and Powell in the top match and Preston and Howard beat the Oakura pair of doubles specialist Steve Novak and Walden 6/2, 6/3.
Manawatu's Kelly and Oki Toa win the top women's doubles against Ford and Koch 6/4, 6/4 while Taranaki won the other two matches.   The Oakura pair of Fletcher and Oldfield beat Dransfield and Malpas 6/1, 6/4 while Han and Reid beat Mayer and Bohaanon 6/1, 6/3.
At 11-7 going into the combines, Taranaki had the tie all but won.  They won the combines 4-2. The only three set matches of the day were the No 3 match between Novak and Ford and McNamara and Oki Toa, won by Taranaki and the No 4 match won by Manwatu's Howard and Dransfired over Walden and Fletcher.
Players to have three wins for Taranaki were David White, John Hardie Boys, Sue Oldfield and Linda Reid.
Hardie Boys and Oldfield were having their debuts while Reid is incredibly in her 22nd year of rep tennis.
The Taranaki B team beat Manawatu B 14-10 at the Huatoki courts. After the singles it was 7-5 to Taranaki.   Taranaki only won two men's matches, No 1 Jordan Fleming beat Jono Spring 6/3, 6/3 and No 4 Amrit Rai beat Michael Harris in three sets.
Manawatu's Matawha Durie beat David Innes in 6/1, 6/1 in the No 2 match, No 3 Tutere Durie beat Jacob Gopperth in three sets.
Manawatu's No 5 and 6 , Michael Kensington and Tommy Huynh beat Thomas Brown and Jaden Hareb 7/5,7/5 and 6/3,7/5 respectively.
In the women's singles Taranaki only dropped one match.  They all had easy wins, led by No 1 Donna Thorne who beat Maria Maling - Cope 6/0, 6/3. No 2 Krystal Oakes beat Jane Brooker 6/2, 6/1and No 3 Becky Bruckner beat Lydia Carter 6/1,6/1.
Manawatu's No 4 Shaani Temata - Frost beat Alison Chamberlain 6/2, 6/4.
Taranaki's No 5 and 6 Kate Laurenson and Miaana Walden beat Lucy Drake and Megan Small comfortably.
In the doubles Taranaki won 4 and lost 2. The women won all their matches while Taranaki only won the top men's match.
At 11-7 going into the combines, Taranaki were feeling confident. The matches were shared 3-3 with three of them going to three sets.
Players to win all three matches for Taranaki were Jordan Fleming, Donna Thorne and Miaana Walden. 
Wilson Trophy
Hawera 12 Okaiawa (2) 4, Matapu 9 Huatoki (1) 7, Okaiawa (1) 12 Oakura 4
Sumpter Trophy
Manaia (1) 11 Inglewood 5, Manaia (2) def Kaponga by default, Waitara 11 Rotokare 5, Waiwaka 8 Stratford 8
Wilson Trophy
Hawera 145, Okaiawa (1) 135, Okaiawa (2) 110, Oakura 106, Huatoki (1) 99, Matapu 64, Huatoki (2) 25
Sumpter Trophy
Stratford 170, Waitara 152, Manaia (2) 144, Manaia (1) 141, Inglewood 97, Rotokare 81, Kaponga 76, Waiwaka 64