21 March 2009

Central Finance Rotokare's mixed doubles saved them form a defeat against Sandfords Manaia on Saturday. Rotokare won three matches to secure an 8-8 draw after being down 7-5. Manaia were ahead 5-3 after the singles.  In the men's singles No 1 Cameron Koch and No 3 Jason Mills defeated Ben Pollard 7-5 6-1 and Mike Roberts 6-3 6-2 . Their three women's singles wins were by Nicole Koch who beat Catherine Stevenson 6-1 6-2, No 3 Irene Cruikshank defeated Karen Cranston in three sets and Helen Johnston accounted for  Alison Chamberlain 6-2 6-1.  Ben Pollard defaulted his doubles and mixed doubles after he got a side strain. Mike Roberts and Greg Hareb beat Jordan Fleming and Jacob Gopperth in three sets. The women's doubles were shared.
Hooker Pacific Pukekura defeated an under strength AWE Huatoki 13-3 at Huatoki. Pukekura's women all scored convincing wins while the men's singles were shared. Pukekura's Dennis Reid beat David Innes and No 3 Callum Old beat Ross Henderson.  Huatoki's wins were by No 2 Stuart Nairn who beat Meto Snegirev and No 4 Matt Cooper beat Jamie Reid in three sets. Pukekura won all the doubles except the No 2 mixed doubles where Nairn and Megan O' Donnell beat Snegirev and Donna Thorne.
The other two matches were decided by defaults, Hareb Deken Oakura beat Hawera and Lockwood Design and Build Okaiawa beat McDonald Real Estate Matapu.
In the semi-finals next week, Rotokare host Pukekura and Oakura host Manaia.
In the Wilson Trophy Waiwaka play Huatoki and Stratford play Ecolab Manaia. The semi-finalists in the Sumpter Trophy are Waitara versus Hawera and Inglewood versus Rotokare.  
Wilson Trophy
Oakura 8 Ecolab Manaia 8, Waiwaka 12 Lockwood Design & Build Okaiawa 4, Stratford 14 Matapu 2
Sumpter Trophy
Hawera 12 Huatoki 4, Rotokare 8 Waitara 8, Manaia 11 Coastal (45) 5, Inglewood 13 Stratford 3
Soffe Cup
Central Finance Rotokare 181, Hareb Deken Oakura 173, Sandfords Manaia 169.5, Hooker Pacific Pukekura 157, AWE Huatoki 103, McDonalds Real Estate Matapu 90, Hawera 68, Okaiawa 60.5
Wilson Trophy
Waiwaka 166, Stratford 136, Ecolab Manaia 135, Huatoki 91.5, Oakura 86.5, Lockwood Design & Build Okaiawa 72, Matapu 64
Sumpter Trophy
Waitara 161, Inglewood 142.5, Rotokare 138.5, Hawera 137.5, Manaia 132.5, Huatoki 108, Coastal 91, Stratford 85