20 December 2008

All Soffe Cup matches were rain affected.on Saturday. At Okaiawa it was 8-2 to Central Finance Rotokare before the rain came.  Rotokare won all the women's singles matches easily and the No 1 and 3 mens matches.  No 1 Chris Popata beat Andrew Powell 6-1,6-1 while No 3 Blair Crowley only dropped one game against Ryan Stockman.  Okaiawa's No 2 Vincent Baylis had a good win over Mark Atkins in three sets and his father, No 4 Andrew Baylis defeated Shane Devin 6-2,6-3.
Sandfords Manaia were ahead 4-3 against Pukekura at Manaia before their match was called off. Pukekura picked up the top two singles matches with Linda Reid and Kirsten Adam defeating Cindy Death and Brenda Duffy. In the No 2 men's singles, Dennis Reid beat Jacob Gopperth 6-2,6-0.
Manaia's victories were by No 1 Cameron Koch over Tony Radich, No 3 Michael Gates over Meto Snegirev, Steve Lloyd over Callum Old and Helen Johnston beat Jeanette Harding in three sets.
It was 8-2 to AWE Huatoki at Hawera before their match was abandoned. Huatoki won six singles matches. No 1 Jono Ussher beat Neil McCann in three sets and No 2 David Innes beat Conrad Heron, also in three sets. No 4 Ben Robbins beat Kelvn Tosland 6-2,7-6. In the women's singles Huatoki won all but the top match. Hawera's Sherri De'ath beat Chris Wilson in three sets. Both women's doubles were close with Huatoki's Wilson and Alice Caskey beating De'ath and Sandra Gates in three sets and Megan O'Donnell and Trudy Neilsen beating Georgia Hughson and Deidre Cleaver 7-6.7-6.
The Oakura versus Matapu match was rained out.
Wilson Trophy
Lockwood Design & Build Okaiawa v Stratford -postponed, Waiwaka beat Matapu by default, Oakura 8.5 Huatoki 7.5
Sumpter Trophy
Manaia 9 Coastal 7, Waitara 10 Rotokare 6, Stratford v Inglewood rained out, Huatoki 14 Hawera 2
Soffe Cup
Central Finance Rotokare 106, Hareb Deken Motors Oakura 103, Sandfords Manaia 96.5, Hooker Pacific Pukekura 85, AWE Huatoki 65, McDonald Real Estate Matapu 62, Hawera 41, Lockwood Design & Build Okaiawa 17.5
Wilson Trophy
Ecolab Manaia 75, Waiwaka 60*, Stratford 56**, Oakura 51.5, Huatoki 45.5, Lockwood Design & Build Okaiawa 28**, Matapu 26
Sumpter Trophy
Waitara 89, Inglewood 70.5, Rotokare 70.5, Manaia 63.5, Stratford 54, Huatoki 54, Hawera 51.5, (Coastal 45) 46
* points to be allocated when Stratford v Okaiawa match is played
** match to be played