19 Mar 2012

Results of the TET Taranaki Masters tennis held at Rotokare Tennis complex last week in ideal conditions.

Men 40+   Gold: Mike Roberts & Greg Hareb (New Plymouth)   Silver: Shane Devlin & Jeremy Wichman (NP)

Men 50+   Gold:   Mel Slinger & Kerry Dwyer (NP)                       Silver:  Len Adamson & Wes Elder  (NP)

              Bronze:  Steve Phelps & Laurie Jordan (NP)

Men 60+  Gold:  Val Cleaver & Zane Dorey (NP)                          Silver:  Denis Whiting & Peter McNiece (NP)

Men 70+  Gold:  Relwyn Hooper (Wanganui) & Bruce Campbell (Akld)  Silver:  Ian Laurence & Trevor Reid (NP)

Ladies 40+  Gold: Karen & Diane Carswell (NP)                          Silver:  Shae Martin & Chris Davies (NP)

                 Bronze: Lyn Gargan & Gail Gribble (NP)

Ladies 50+   Gold:  Karen Cranston & Sandra Glennie (Wanganui)   Silver: Debbie Campbell & Helena Goodin (NP)

Ladies 60+  Gold: Maureen Whiting & Beth Webster (NP)         Silver:  Pam Wray & Marlene Foreman (NP)

                Bronze:  Virginia Mills & Lorna Blair (NP)

Combined Doubles:

40+  Gold:  Mike Roberts  (NP) & Karen Cranston (Wanganui)   Silver:  Shane Devlin & Helena Goodin (NP)

             Bronze:  David Innes & Chris Davies (NP)

60+  Gold:  Relwyn Hooper & Sandra Glennie (Wanganui)        Silver:  Denis & Maureen Whiting (NP)

       Bronze:  David Tuck & Marlene Foreman (Inglewood)

 70+  Gold:  Peter McNiece & Beth Webster (NP)                      Silver: Trevor Reid & Robyn Masters (NP)

      Bronze:  Ian Laurence (NP) & Mary Busst (P Nth)