19 February 2006

Taranaki defeated Manawatu in the Christie Cup challenge in hot conditions at the Rotokare courts on Saturday.
It was neck and neck all the way with Manawatu 's top two men and women winning their singles. Scott Sutherland and Kurt McNamara both had 6-3, 6-3 wins over Zac Wills and Jonathan Ussher but Taranaki won all the rest of the men's singles.
Michael Fleming, Chris Popata and Cameron Koch all had easy wins while Thomas Luxton had a 6-3, 7-6 win.
In the women's singles, Manu Durie defeated Nicole Koch 6-1, 6-0 while Jill Hall defeated Linda Reid 6-2, 6-1. Taranaki bounced back with all but No 6 Clare Fairey  winning ther matches. Leith Atkins, Nicki Martin and Alesha Ford all had two set wins.
With the scores at 7-5 going into the doubles, honours were shared with Taranaki's No 2 and 3  men's combinations , Fleming and Cameron Koch and Popata and Luxton  winning and the no 3 women's combination of Mills and Fairey tasting victory.
In the combines, Taranaki won four out of six to retain the Cup, two of those wins were three setters while Nicole Koch and Fleming avoided going into a third set winning the third set 7-6, staging a comeback from being down 2-5.
The experienced gained from the draw with Wanganui was invaluable. On that occassion Taranaki were down 8-10 but won four out of six combines.
Captain and No 3 Michael Fleming led by example with three wins, as did  No 4 Chris Popata and No 6 Thomas Luxton.
In her senior Taranaki debut, Alesha Ford (13) score two wins as did Nicki Martin and Clare Fairey.
Taranaki now play Wairarapa on 4th March at Rotokare. It was thought it was going to be an Adidas Cup match only with 8 members in the team but Wairarapa have issued the challenge for the Christie Cup which requires 12 players.
The Taranaki B team had a 16-0 win against Manawatu B at the Huatoki courts. With all but Donna Thorne and Irene Cruikshank making thier debuts, none of the games were even close. Manawatu fielded a very young team, the youngest being 11 year old Tutere Durie who was defeated by Mark Atkins 6-0, 6-4. 

A Team results

Z. Wills lost to S. Sutherland 6-3 6-3
J. Ussher lost to K. McNamara 6-3 6-3
M. Fleming b S. Howard 6-2 6-2
C. Popata b G. Toland 6-1 6-2
C. Koch b M. Pou 6-3 6-3
T. Luxton b J. Spring 6-3 7-6
N. Koch lost to M. Durie 6-1 6-0
L. Reid lost to J. Hall 6-2 6-1
L. Atkins b J. Robb 6-1 6-3
N. Martin b R. Rowe 6-4 6-1
A. Ford b J. Brooker 6-2 6-4
C. Fairey lost to A. Van Hellemond 6-3 6-2
Wills/Ussher lost to Sutherland/McNamara 6-4 6-4
Fleming/Koch b Spring/Howard 6-2 6-1
Popata/Luxton b Toland/Pou 7-5 6-7 6-3
Reid/Atkins lost to Durie/Hall 6-1 6-1
Koch/Ford lost to Rowe/Van Hellemond 6-4 6-7 7-5
Martin/Fairey b Robb/Brooker 6-3 2-6 6-1
Fleming/Koch b Sutherland/Durie 6-2 7-6
Wills/Reid lost to McNamara/Hall 3-6 6-4 6-4
Popata/Fairey b Toland/Brooker 6-3 6-3
Ussher/Atkins b Howard/Rowe 6-1 2-6 6-2
Koch/Martin lost to Pou/Robb 6-3 7-6
Luxton/Ford b Spring/Van Hellemond 6-2 3-6 6-1

B Team results

A. Powell b J. McKellar 6-1 6-1
J. Stayt b M. Durie 6-1 6-3
M. Gates b D. Reid 6-1 6-1
M. Atkins b T. Durie 6-0 6-4
D. Thorne b G. Jones 6-2 6-0
I. Cruikshank b S. Hughes 6-2 6-0
M. Powell b B. Prior 6-1 6-1
M. Zimmerman b M. Clarke 6-1 6-1
Powell/Stayt b McKellar/Durie 6-2 6-2
Gates/Atkins b Reid/Durie 6-2 6-0
Thorne/Cruikshank b Jones/Hughes 6-2 6-3
Powell/Zimmerman b Prior/Clarke 6-0 6-2
Powell/Powell b McKellar/Jones 6-3 6-0
Stayt/Thorne b Durie/Hughes 6-2 6-0
Atkins/Cruikshank b Reid/Prior 6-2 6-1
Gates/Zimmerman b Durie/Clarke 6-1 6-1