17 March 2020

This is the latest advice from Tennis Central re the Hexangular:

"At this stage we align on the recommendations from the Ministry of Health, Tennis NZ and Sport NZ and therefore we haven’t cancelled any scheduled events on the calendar at today’s date. The Premier One Interclub finals are going ahead at this stage (usually over 200 people) for example… 

However the situation can quickly escalate as we have seen in Europe and we will obviously follow the recommendations from the government on a daily basis. 

In terms of the Hexangular we are still planning to go ahead today, but it might be different tomorrow or next week. So if you guys feel uncomfortable to travel and would rather pull the pin now in order to avoid unnecessary costs or at least reduce them, this is totally fair enough and we can open the discussion with the other associations to also see where they stand and make a collective call in the next 24 to 48 hours…"