17 April 2009

The 2009 University Games wrapped up in Hawera after 3 days of fantastic tennis weather.  Friday was finals day and also playoff positions were decided as every position counts for points in determining the top university.  According to tournament controller, Andrew Baylis, the competitors were a fantastic bunch of young men and women, extremely well behaved and were enjoying their time in the Naki.

Sam Vinton-Boot got the ball rolling for VIC by taking out the men's singles defeating Blair O'Brien (AKL).  The match was even in the early stages but then Vinton-Boot started playing powerful and exquisitely placed ground strokes that kept O'Brien at the back of the court.  Vinton-Boot eventually took out the title and the gold medal, winning 9-4.  Taranaki's Zachary Wills (VIC) won the bronze medal defeating Andrew Kemp (AKL) 9-8(6) is a gruelling encounter.

Vinton-Boot and Wills combined to win the men's doubles gold medal defeating O'Brien and Kemp.  Matthew Cutfield/Nick Hammond (AKL) won the bronze medal defeating Vincent Baylis/Ryan Stockman (Massey; and Taranaki). 

The top two seeds met in the women's singles final.  Rebecca Lee and Wendy Owen (both AUT) had been impressive in their matches going into the final.  Wendy Owen had the early advantage and led 5-3 before Lee peeled off 3 straight games and led 6-5.  Lee then mixed consistency together with the ability to punish the short ball and was able to hold off the courageous Webb, 9-7.  The 3rd place playoff match saw the exact same score as the men's equivalent, Aditi Rai (AKL) defeating Hanna Baxter (VIC) 9-8(6).

Webb and Owen combined to win the women's doubles gold medal match.  Rachael Leong/Ying Swan Ong won the bronze medal match defeating Carmia Schoeman/Lydia Burnett (AKL).

Overall points for University Tennis were:

Men: AKL 86, VIC 84, Massey PN 37, WIT 12.
Women: AKL 67, AUT 50, Massey PN 30, VIC 24.

Final positions were:

Singles Name Univ
1st Sam Vinton-Boot VIC
2nd Blair O'Brien AKL
3rd Zachary Wills VIC
4th Andrew Kemp AKL
5th Jonathon King AKL
6th Ryan Everiss AKL
7th Nick Hammond AKL
8th Vincent Baylis MPN
9th Matthew Cutfield AKL
10th Matthew Reynolds VIC
11th Keshav Vedire AKL
12th Sean Mehrtens WIT
13th Andrew Bartlet VIC
14th Siddharth Pradhan AKL
15th Henry Rowe AKL
16th Luke Collins VIC
17th David Geange VIC
18th Ryan Stockman MPN
19th Raymond Walker MPN
20th Jonathan Clement MPN
21st Jason Bock VIC
22nd David Bade AKL
Singles Name Univ
1st Rebecca Lee AUT
2nd Wendy Owen AUT
3rd Aditi Rai AKL
4th Hanna Baxter VIC
5th Samantha Wong AKL
6th Rachael Leong AKL
7th Kelsy Smith MPN
8th Melissa Melrose AKL
9th Ying Swan Ong AKL
10th Jaimee Baylis MPN
11th Lucy Mitchell AKL
12th Reena Hira AKL
13th Lydia Burnet AKL
14th Carmia Schoeman AKL
15th Ashleigh Schaef MPN
16th Azra Elia Zamri AKL
17th Rachel Ward VIC
18th Grace Aleni VIC
Doubles Names Univ
1st Vinton-Boot/Wills VIC
2nd Kemp/O'Brien AKL
3rd Cutfield/Hammond AKL
4th Baylis/Stockman MPN
5th Geange/Reynolds VIC
6th King/Rowe AKL
7th Bade/Everiss AKL
8th Bartlet/Collins VIC
9th Pradhan/Vedire AKL
10th Clement/Walker MPN
Doubles Names Univ
1st Lee/Owen AUT
2nd Rai/Wong AKL
3rd Leong/Ong AKL
4th Burnet/Schoeman AKL
5th Hira/Melrose AKL
6th Mitchell/Zamri AKL
7th Aleni/Ward VIC
8th Smith/Schaef MPN