14 Apr 2012

The ladies 70's team consisting of Jeanette Harding, Beth Webster, Robyn Masters, Jillian Roberts and Maureen Whiting dropped only 6 sets over three days. The big achievement was beating Canterbury 7-1 after drawing with them in an earlier match. So it was "gold" for the girls. 

Peter's team was Trevor Reid, Paul Mason and Keith Burt (Waikato) and Owen Passo (Thames Valley). They won the "gold" after defeating a strong Wellington team, having lost to them in the first match. So it was "gold" for the boys also.

Buzz's 50+ team was Kerry Dwyer, Mel Slinger and Len Adamson - all three newcomers playing in their first tournament. Their form improved over the weekend and they played themselves into 2nd place.

Denis's 65+ team finished  creditable third. Team members were Val Cleaver, Wes Elder and first timer Jim Boyd.

Chris Davies 55+  combined team with Chris Wilson, Shona Lahood and Dyane Piddock finished 2nd.

Pam Wray and Barbara Crombie combined with Hawks Bay in the 65+ and did well to finish 3rd.