11 Nov 2013

Hikaru Han and Jayden Harrison (both Huatoki) and Caleb Fleming (Pukekura Park) have qualified for the North Island Primary Schools Championships after posting good results in the Tennis Central Primary Schools tournament held November 8th.

The North Island Primary and Intermediate Schools Tennis Tournament will be held at the Renouf Centre in Wellington on 26 /27 November.  Han (Sacred Heart) will play in the Open Girls event, Harrison (Frankley) in the Year 6 and under event, with Fleming in the Open Boys event.

26-27 Nov 2013
Caleb Fleming (finished 7th/8th)

First Round: def Sam Pascoe 4-2 4-2
Quarter-final: lost to Ivica Batnozic 4-1 5-4(4)
5-8 Playoff: lost to Anton Shepp 4-0 5-3
7-8 Playoff: not played

Hikaru Han (finished 13th)

First Round: lost to Elys Ventura 5-4(6) 5-4(5)
9-16 playoff: lost to Sarah Weekley 5-4 1-4 7-0
13-16 playoff: def Emma Miyaura 4-1 4-2
13-14 playoff: def Toscana Bernie 2-4 4-1 7-3

Jayden Harrison (finished 3rd)

First Round Q/F: def Jack Dalton 4-0 5-4
Semi-Final: lost to Patrick Joss 4-0 4-1
Third/Fourth playoff: def Liam Barry 4-2 4-1