13 December 2004


The annual quadrangular between Taranaki, Manawatu, Kapi Mana and Wellington was played at the weekend.  12's played at the Manaia courts, 14's played in Palmerston North and 16's played in Tawa.  The 12's and 16's teams were successful winning their age groups unbeaten.  The 14's also did well considering that two players were promoted to the 14's due to unavailability of players.




16's defeated Kapi Mana 11-1, defeated Wellington 9-3, defeated Manawatu 10-2.

14's defeated Kapi Mana 12-0, lost to Wellington 7-5, lost to Manawatu 7-5

12's defeated Wellington 10-2, defeated Manawatu 12-0, defeated Kapi Mana 10-2