9 Dec 2011

2011 Tennis Central Hexangular

Taranaki will be up against five other provinces this coming weekend in a bid to score the prized trophy.  Previously Taranaki combined with Wanganui and were the winners last year and runner up the previous year.  Wairarapa have currently withdrawn allowing the six remaining associations comprising Hutt Valley, Wellington, Kapi Mana, Manawatu, Wanganui and Taranaki to fight out the competition.  Kapi Mana are looking the team to beat for overall honours, whom we play on the Saturday afternoon after the Manawatu tie in the morning.

The format will be two pools of three with the respective playoffs Sunday afternoon i.e. first in each pool will be the final.  Each tie is made up of four men and four woman all playing singles then one men's doubles, one ladies doubles and two combines being played at the same time.

The Taranaki players involved are Jordan Fleming, Cameron Koch, Neil McCann, Callum Old, Andrew Powell, Nicole Koch, Tania L'Ami, Alice Caskey, Miaana Walden, and Kirsten Adam.