8 November 2008

The closest match of Soffe Cup interclub tennis on Saturday was, surprisingly, between competition leaders Central Finance Rotokare and McDonald Real Estate Matapu at Rotokare.  The New Plymouth side triumphed 10-6 after a strong showing by the men.  Ben Pollard only dropped three games against David White and Mike Roberts and Greg Hareb both won their matches  to love.  No 4 Blair Crowley won in three sets against Andy Roberts.  The women's singles were shared with Rotokare's No 1 Catherine Stevenson defeating Krystal Oakes 6/0 6/3 and No 4 Kate Laurenson beating Anne Bridges in three sets.  Rotokare were missing No 2 Kelly Toa & No 4 Beccie Atkins.  At No 2 Alison Chamberlain was beaten by Matapu's Helen Kelly 6/3 7/5 and Matapu's other singles win was their No 2 Carolyn Koch who beat Michelle Atkins in three sets.  The doubles were shared with Rotokare's men winning theirs and Matapu's women winning theirs.  The mixed doubles were also shared.
Hareb Deken Oakura moved up to a share of the lead (45 points) with Rotokare after their 15-1 win over Lockwood Design Okaiawa at Oakura.  With No 1 Josh Walden not over his ankle injury he played at No 3 and John Hardie Boys played at no 1.  He defeated Andrew Powell 6/0  3/6 7/6.  No 2 Aaron Hine had his first game of the season and defeated Mark Laurence 6/3 6/2.  Walden didn't drop a game against Ryan Stockman while Okaiawa's Andrew Baylis scored his team's only win when he defeated Tei Walden 7/6 6/4.  Oakura's women all had easy wins led by No 1 Alesha Ford's 6/0 6/2 defeat of Beth McLeod and No 2 Leah Fletcher's victory over Megan Gyde.
Hooker Pacific Pukekura had a clean sweep against Hawera at Pukekura.  Even without their No 1 Michael Fleming, Pukekura had little trouble winning 16-0.  In the top game, Dennis Reid beat Conrad Heron who stepped up to No 1 in the absence of Neil McCann.  No 2 Meto Snegirev beat Sean Merhtens 6/4 7/6, No 3 Nick Steventon beat Kelvin Tosland 6/0,6/3 and No 4 Paul Simpson beat Hayden Bennett in three sets.
All Pukekura's women had easy wins in their singles. The top pair of Linda Reid and Donna Thorne beat Sheri De'ath and Erin Annabell respectively.  The men's doubles were close with Reid and Steventon winning in three sets against Heron and Bennett and Snegirev and Simpson winning 6/4 6/4 against Merhtens and Tosland.  The rest of the matches were easily won except for the 9/7 victory in the No 4 mixed doubles.
Pukekura maintained their third spot on the table on 38.5 points.
Sandfords Manaia had their second win with an 11-5 victory over AWE Huatoki.  Manaia were missing their No 1 Nicole Koch,  No 3 Helen Johnston and No 4 Shinae Bailey but Huatoki only fielded two players from last week.  It was 5-3 to Manaia after the singles with Manaia's men winning three.  No 1,2 and 4 all had easy wins. Cameron Koch, Jacob Gopperth and Alaister Murdoch beat Jaden Hareb, Aaron West and Mathew Geange respectively.  Huatoki have gained David Innes from Waiwaka and he beat Michael Gates 6/1 6/2 in the No 3 match.  Huatoki's No 1 Saori Han made her first appearance of the season and won all her games.  She only dropped one game against  Irene Cruikshank.  Huatoki's No 4 Sue Dalzell beat Maree Gopperth while Manaia's No 2 and 3 Ginny Death and Marina Gopperth won their matches against Sue Darney and Trudy Neilsen.  Manaia remain in fourth position on 33 points, a comfortable 13 points ahead of Huatoki.
Wilson Trophy
Stratford 16 Matapu 0, Manaia 8 Oakura 8, Waiwaka 13 Okaiawa 3
Sumpter Trophy
Waitara 11 Coastal (45) 5, Hawera 12 Inglewood 4, Manaia 9 Rotokare 7, Stratford 13 Huatoki 3
Soffe Cup
Central Finance Rotokare 45, Hareb Deken Oakura 45, Hooker Pacific Pukekura 40.5, Sandfords Manaia 33, AWE Huatoki 20, McDonald Real Estate Matapu 16, Hawera 13, Lockwood Design and Build Okaiawa 3.5
Wilson Trophy
Waiwaka 26, Ecolab Manaia 25, Stratford 18, Oakura 16, Huatoki 9, Matapu 9, Okaiawa 5
Sumpter Trophy
Waitara 28, Manaia 18.5, Stratford 18, Rotokare 16.5, Huatoki 16, Hawera 14.5, Inglewood 12.5, Coastal (45) 10