Christie Cup Rules


1.     The Cup was presented to New Zealand Tennis for competition between the Wanganui, Taranaki, Hawkes Bay and Wairarapa and Manawatu Associations, to be played in accordance with the following regulations of New Zealand Tennis.


2.     The Management of each match shall be the responsibility of the Host Association, whether at home or away. Any profits from the tie shall be divided equally between the two associations competing.


3.     For the purpose of this competition, the tennis year shall begin on the first day of November and shall end on the following thirty –first day of March.


4.     (a) Each team shall consist of 6 men and 6 ladies.


(b) For the singles, the members of the team shall be arranged in order of merit by their respective associations, and for the doubles, each pair shall be arranged in like manner, and lists containing the names of players with their order of merit shall be exchanged by the Team Captains before the commencement of the match.


(c) In singles each player shall meet the player in the corresponding position in the opposing team, and in the doubles each pair shall meet in the corresponding position in the opposing team.


(d) The Rubber shall be the best of 3 tie-breaker sets.


5. The Association shall appoint a Captain of the team, who need not  necessarily be one of the players.


6. Each representative Match with the holder of the Cup shall be considered as a Challenge, All Challenges to be completed by the end of February.


7.     If a Match is abandoned at any stage (e.g. by persistent rain) the Holder retains the Cup. Every effort must be made to get a result.


8.     If a dispute arises a referee shall adjudicate. In the absence of a referee, the two team captains shall decide by mutual agreement. If no agreement can be reached, the President of the Host Association shall be deemed to be the referee and shall adjudicate. An Appeal can be made to a Committee set up by the Presidents of the participating Associations.


9.     Start time to be set by the Host Association. Play shall continue until a result is obtained or the match is abandoned.


10.  If a player is absent without the Team Captain’s permission when called upon to play, the game shall be defaulted.


11.  The Host Association is responsible for the balls. Catering arrangements shall be as for normal Representive matches.


12. The Hawkes Bay Lawn Tennis Association is responsible for insuring the cup, the cost being borne equally by the participating Associations.


13.  Only the Association holding the Cup at the end of the season shall be entitled to have its name engraved thereon.


14.  No alterations or addition to these Rules unless agreed upon by a committee of the Presidents, or approved representatives, of the participating Associations.


15.  The Tie must be played on one court surface only.


16.  N.Z. Tennis Rules and Code of Conduct to be applied.


17. The scheduled fixture must be played on a Saturday and a Sunday  in the case of wet weather unless otherwise agreed upon by the Associations involved.